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ISO Whey Premium 1,8kg | Strawberry Swirl
  • ISO Whey Premium 1,8kg | Strawberry Swirl

    ISO Whey Premium, a completely pure whey protein isolate with the highest protein content that is possible on the market.

    • Easily soluble
    • Juice like texture
    • Extremely fast uptake
    • Almost lactose-free
    • Swedish Supplements has with the help of raw material Volac produced one of the market’s most high-grade whey protein isolates with a biological value above 150, let us present
      ISO Whey Premium! A protein content of 95% when dry and with an almost non-existent fat and carbohydrate content place the product in the absolute premium segment.
      ISO Whey premium has a very low lactose content, below <0.9g per serving and is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant or only settle for the best. ISO Whey Premium® is simply muscle building fuel. Each serving contains 30 grams of protein and 6.8 g of BCAA including 3.2 g of L-leucine. Protein contributes to the maintenance and build-up of muscle mass.
      ISO Whey premium isolates are extracted using a cool multi-stage crossflow filtration, this advanced purification process preserves important muscle-building protein fractions while removing excess carbohydrates, fat, lactose, and cholesterol. You still have the undenatured bioactive isolate in its finest form.

      The isolate used in protein production ISO Whey Premium has the following important protein fractions:
      – 50-60% Gamma-lactoglobulin
      – 15-20% Alpha-lactalbumin
      – 15-20% Glycomacropeptide
      – 1.0-2.0% Immunoglobulin G
      – 1.0-2.0% Immunoglobulin A
      – 1.0-2.0% Lactoferrin

      Here are examples of important functions that different constituents of whey protein have:

      • Immunoglobulins (Ig): are protein molecules in whey that act as antibodies to microbes.
      • Alpha-lactoglobulin: stimulates cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells.
      • Lactoferrin: counteracts or kills bacteria, candida fungus and parasites, acts anti-inflammatory.
      1.8 Kilograms