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10 Egg ProActive6 Bar – Performance & Recovery Bar

10 Egg ProActive6 Bar – Performance & Recovery Bar

Nutritional Tableper 100gper bar (80g)Energy (KJ/Kcal)1668/3961334/317Proteins20g16gCarbohydrates46,69g37,35g      -from which sugars20,25g16,2gFat15,18g12,14g      -from which saturated6,5g5,2gFibers5,8g3,5gSodium0,125g0,1gAbsorption Enhancing Agents: Digezyme™ Multi-Enzyme complex (amylase, lactase, cellulose, lipase, protease), Alpha Lipoic Acid37,5mg30mgCell Nourishing & Recovery Agents: L-Leucine AjiPure™, Acetyl-L-Glutamine, L-Glycine Ajinomoto™2134mg1707mg Ingredients:Ingredients: Greek honey 34%, Oats 29%, Egg Proactive6 powder 19% [Egg White Instantized Protein (Albumin) Powder, L-Glycine Ajinomoto™, L-Leucine AjiPure™, Acetyl-L-Glutamine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Natural Cocoa Powder, Cookies flavour powder, Digezyme™ Multi-Enzyme complex (amylase, lactase, cellulose, lipase, protease), Stevia powder (stevia rebaudiana), Sucralose (as sweetener)],Palm Oil, Puffed Rice. Allergens: It contains Egg derivatives (egg albumin), Wheat derivatives (cookies powder), Oat. May contain traces of soy, gluten, nuts, fish, milk. Note: Supplements with high concentration in active ingredients and no preservatives, may turn from powder form to solid form. This is a natural effect of ingredients which are extra sensitive in humidity. Try to consume the product 20-30 days after opening. Keep in a dry and cool place always with the lid well closed. Do not use wet hands or tools to take the scoop from inside the tubeEgg ProActive6 BarHoney & Oats with Instantized Egg White Protein fortified with Fast Acting Cell Nourishing & Recovery agents:Acetyl-L-Glutamine  |  L-Leucice Ajipure™  |  ALA  |  DigeZyme™ COLD PROCESSEDNO HEAT IS APPLIED DURING PROCESS FOR THE MAXIMUM SAFETY AND EFFECTIVENESS OF THE INGREDIENTS. Honey & OatsA perfect healthy combination, ideal for an all-day snack.Take all the energy you need for your sport activities or for your demanding lifestyle.We use pure organic unfiltered Greek Honey, so you benefit from all the purity and the quality Greek nature gives. WHEY?…NO WAYAlmost all athletes think that WHEY protein is the king of proteins…Well, it is not!Strength & Conditioning Nutrition’s Egg ProActive6, with spray-drying processed egg white protein, is High Bio-Available, easy mixing, with AMAZING SMELL & TASTE…Also, for FIRST time an Egg White Protein Powder…becomes an RECOVERY & CELL NOURISHING formula. Egg White protein contains 40 different proteins, from which Ovalbumin is the most abundant (~55%). Also, it contains NO LACTOSE.The second most abundant protein is Ovotranferrin, a protein that binds to Iron and has amazing anti-microbial propertiesEgg White Protein, contains ALL AMINO ACIDS, including BCAA’s, in high concentrations. This will help your body stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth.Egg White, is medium-rate digestion protein, which is the best for feeding your body with a more stable way. Egg White Protein is high in ARGININEArginine stimulates NITRIC-OXIDE synthesis in the body. This will help your body deliver more blood flow to muscles and as a result you will have more oxygen (less lactic acid, better endurance), more nutrients to your muscle cells (less muscle wasting, better anabolic effect, better recovery, less muscle injuries).Arginine, Also will give more GROWTH HORMONE from your brain, with huge anabolic and fat-loss effect.Egg white’s Sulfur, will stimulate your hormone synthesis and create NATURAL ANABOLICS in your body. Egg ProActive6 is fortified with 5 ingredients that will help your body recover better, absorb the ingredients of the formula and also the macronutrients of your food better, accelerate the recovery process. N-ACETYL-L-GlutamineThe most anabolic glutamine form of all.It promotes muscle recovery, it inhibits muscle wasting, helps build lean muscle mass.It passes to your blood immediately after consuming and heals your damaged cells, as it is the most soluble form of L-Glutamine. Alpha Lipoic AcidA powerful antioxidant.Also, it helps other ingredients to be absorbed faster.One of its amazing unique properties is that it detoxifies the body and brain from heavy metals. L-Glycine Ajinomoto™Glycine stimulates protein synthesis and inhibits oxidative stress.This means that your body starts the healing process faster, as it synthesises proteins faster and also protects your cells from oxidation.Ajinomoto™ is a unique brand that manufactures the highest quality of amino acids.We choose Ajinomoto™ so we are sure about the effectiveness, the high quality and bio availability of the ingredients we use.  L-Leucine Ajipure™Ajinomoto’s pharmaceutical top quality amino acids are the Ajipure™ ones.Very fast absorption, fast acting ultra pure quality.The most powerful amino acid when it comes to recovery.Leucine activates an anabolic pathway called the mTOR pathway which stimulates muscle protein synthesis. By increasing Leucine consumption the mTOR pathway is signaled and protein synthesis is increased. No single ingredient has the pure, unadulterated anabolic power that Leucine does. Simply stated, Leucine is essential for achieving a positive nitrogen balance and building lean muscle mass. DIGEZYME™ – A Versatile Multi-enzyme Complex What it is:It is a unique, proprietary blend of 5 specific enzymes, viz. α-amylase (starch hydrolyzing enzyme), protease (protein hydrolyzing enzyme), lipase (Fat hydrolyzing enzyme), cellulase (cellulose hydrolyzing enzyme), and lactase (lactose hydrolyzing enzyme)α–Amylase: Breaks down carbohydrates, such as starch, glycogen and polysaccharides into smaller unitsCellulase: Breaks down cellulose and chitin. It helps to free nutrients in both fruits and vegetablesLipase: Breaks down lipids, improves fat utilization and supports healthy gallbladder functionProtease: Breaks down protein and peptides, supports immune functionLactase: Breaks down lactose (milk sugar) and useful for lactose intolerance How it works:Enzymes are the essential part of any chemical reaction that takes place in our body. Various biological reactions are regulated by different types of enzymes.For example, several enzymes play a key role in the proper digestion of the food that we consume everyday in order to be assimilated and help body to absorb several nutrients. Enzyme supplementation helps:To withstand the stress caused by sudden changes in food consumption patterns, exposure to environmental pollutants, extensive travel and unexpected changes in weatherIn cases of enzyme insufficiency, caused by damage to the sites of enzyme productionTo lessen the symptoms caused by digestive and metabolic disorders, wherein individuals lack specific enzymes. For example, lactose intolerance, which is caused by lactase deficiency Made from Plants:A majority of the digestive enzyme supplements currently available in the market are from animal sources. Hence, enzyme origin would be a great concern for a customer who is strictly vegan. Microbial enzymes, often called “plant-derived,” are of bacterial or fungal origin and are produced through fermentation using these microorganisms.Some of the best-known sources of microbial enzymes used in supplements include species like Aspergillus and Rhizopus (fungal), Bacillus (bacterial), and Saccharomyces (yeast). Product details: 80g | 1 flavours :  Chocolate Cookies  Suggested use:Egg ProActive6 Bar is ideal for a meal, for a healthy snack, for energy snack before and during sport activities and it is a must as an after training snack, as is it fortified with  Fast Acting Cell Nourishing & Recovery agents
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