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Main characteristics:

  • cast steel frame;
  • digital counter of exercises;
  • ideal geometry of the training movement;
  • in a design high-quality materials are used;
  • gives the chance to quickly lose excess weight;
  • effectively works on buttock area;
  • the seat is established at any angle.

Technical characteristics:

  • it is long 130 cm;
  • width is 45 cm;
  • height is 125 cm;
  • the weight of the exercise machine is 35 kg;
  • maximum weight of the user: 135 kg;
  • possibility of addition of disks (signature stamp of 25 mm) of burdenings: to 9 kg.


ABCoaster develops all muscles of an abdominal tension: at the direct provision of a platform the direct muscle of a stomach is involved, at turn of a platform in one of the parties - oblique muscles.

2 DVD disks with detailed video the instruction for assembly, cardiotraining (aerobics), to general exercises on the exercise machine of Ab the Fire, to addition of burdenings for increase in loading, and also an example of full training with to-vom repetitions, repetitions and pauses for rest are included in the package of Ab Coaster