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Winbond Wpce773la0dg Datasheet Pdf 14

Winbond Wpce773la0dg Datasheet Pdf 14

The Winbond Wpce773la0dg is a highly integrated embedded controller (EC) that provides system management functions for notebook computers. It supports the LPC interface, the SPI flash interface, the keyboard matrix scan, the PS/2 interface, the PWM output, the ADC input, the SMBus interface, the GPIOs, the fan control, the battery charger, and the power sequence control. The Wpce773la0dg also features a hardware monitor that can monitor the system temperature, voltage, and fan speed. The Wpce773la0dg is available in a 128-pin QFP package.


The datasheet of the Wpce773la0dg is a 14-page PDF document that provides detailed information about the features, specifications, pin assignments, functional descriptions, electrical characteristics, timing diagrams, and application examples of the EC. The datasheet can be downloaded from [this link] or [this link]. The datasheet is intended for hardware engineers who want to design or debug systems that use the Wpce773la0dg as the EC. The datasheet assumes that the readers have a basic knowledge of notebook computer architecture and EC functions.

The datasheet is organized as follows:

  • Page 1: General description, features, and ordering information.

  • Page 2: Pin assignments and package information.

  • Page 3: Block diagram and functional overview.

  • Page 4-5: Pin descriptions and functions.

  • Page 6-7: Electrical characteristics and absolute maximum ratings.

  • Page 8-9: AC characteristics and timing diagrams.

  • Page 10-11: Application examples and reference designs.

  • Page 12-13: Revision history and disclaimer.

  • Page 14: Contact information and company logo.

The datasheet provides a comprehensive and concise reference for the Wpce773la0dg EC. It can help hardware engineers to understand the functions and capabilities of the EC, as well as to design or debug systems that use it. The datasheet is also useful for software engineers who want to develop firmware or drivers for the EC. The datasheet can be used in conjunction with other documents, such as the user manual, the application note, and the BIOS specification.


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