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Vegan Protein Deluxe | Vanilla Apple Pie 500gr

Vegan Protein Deluxe | Vanilla Apple Pie 500gr

Vegan Protein Deluxe from Swedish Supplements is a high-quality protein mix from carefully choosen vegan protein sources.

Protein with high biological value.

Totally Lactos free Kind to the stomach Improves recovery.

Supports maintance and growth of musclemass.

Great taste and solubility!

Swedish Supplements Vegan protein deluxe consists of pea protein isolate, rice and oat protein. Together, they form an unbeatable blend of protein sources for a full-fledged protein supplement that helps you maintain and build muscle mass if used in conjunction with regular exercise. By using Vegan  Protein Deluxe, you increase the daily total protein intake and give your body the best possible conditions to recover after workout. Several studies indicate that plantbased protein intake is comparable to using Whey protein.

Pea protein is very easy to digest and have a high biological value. It can therefore be compared with the animal proteins but completely without presence of bad cholesterol. Pea protein is suitable for anyone who is sensitive or allergic to lactose, milk protein and gluten.  Protein based on peas does not provide the same insulin response as whey protein and is therefore better suited for peaople with sensitive boodsugar or peaople that use low glychemic index products when dieting.

Rice protein is mild with a broad amino acid profile it is rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Together with oats and pea, it contributes to a full-fledged plant-based protein supplement that is mild to the stomach, suitable for many that suffers from allergy and is easily digested

Oat protein is a good complement to the other protein sources and contributes with a round mild taste. Oats also enrich the product with beta glucans wich are good for maintaining healthy cholesterol. Oat protein has nutritionally good amino acid composition. It has also been shown to reduce muscle soarness and promote recovery.


Vanilla Apple Pie

Suggested Use

Take 1 heaping scoop (about 27g) and mix with 2-3dl water in a shaker. Take 1-3 servings a day when needed. Consider the importance of a versatile and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.