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Protein20 Bar 12 Pack SaltedCaramel

Protein20 Bar 12 Pack SaltedCaramel

Protein bar SiS Protein20 64g - nutritional supplement with sweetener
It contains 20 g of protein and 0.5-0.7 g of sugar.
Weight: 64 g
Thanks to great new flavors and an improved recipe, the SiS PROTEIN20 bar is a convenient travel choice, which is made from a high-quality mixture of vegetable proteins for athletes who are looking for an alternative with a high protein content and low sugar content.
There are thousands of proteins in our body that perform various daily functions to promote health, well-being and performance. We need to get enough protein in our diet to have the appropriate building blocks to make the new protein our body needs.
For athletes, protein intake after exercise, whether strength training or endurance, is very important. Repeated muscle damage - training and subsequent protein intake leads to muscle growth. In relation to endurance exercise, the stress of endurance exercise creates a signal that instructs our muscles to create new proteins involved in the production of aerobic energy. And to make protein, you need protein.

20 grams of protein (soy protein isolate, pea protein isolate, pumpkin protein isolate)
21 grams of carbohydrates
257 kcal per 64 g portion
0.5g - 0.7g sugar per bar

May contain gluten and nuts.
* Increased consumption of maltitol and xylitol can have laxative effects.
Storage : Store in a dry and dark place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of small children. Protect from direct sunlight.
Recommended dosage: Consume 1 protein bar during the day or after a protein supplement training. The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.
Warning: This nutritional supplement must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and is not intended for children. Talk to your doctor about use during pregnancy and breast-feeding. This product is not intended as a prevention or cure for certain diseases.